Post-R : a pedagogical journey through the state of the world

Post-R is a pedagogical material for people who want to better understand tomorrow’s crucial challenges (Climate, Energy, Food Security)…and discover new paths toward desirable futures. Making complexity attractive and easy to understand, Post-R is adaptable in terms of depth of interest, time, and level of each explorer.

«An old world is dying, and a new world struggles to come forth » Post-R proposes to decode this transition. In this peculiar time where a historical economic crises, environmental and societal challenges, the 21st century witnesses a revolution. Rarefaction, obsolescence, excesses…we have to face new issues all interconnected.

A multimedia platform shows 12 Post-R and 1 metaPost-R, which explains the links between these subjects. Each Post-R tells a story and opens some ways to imagine a better future.

For each Post-R there will be:
  • Storytelling a plan to browse all the ideas in each area
  • Figures, data design, videos for pedagogic support
  • 3 paths for the user, 3 reading times: 15 min to go straight to the point – 45 min to dig deeper and more
  • A multidisciplinary and international scientific and educational framing: an internationally renowned expert for each poster, a partnership with the Society WeDoData expert in datadesign

The Institute For Desirable Futures is a non-profit organization whose mission in to rehabilitate the long-term in present decisions and to inspire the public debate of desirable futures. Laboratory, factory and workshop for ideas, the IDF defines itself as a shared and hybrid space of reflexion, experimentation and creation where everybody in his/her field of activity will be able to find tools and resources to reinvent.

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